LA’s Fashion District experiences over $10 billion in annual business and 30,000+ jobs

Photo Courtesy: VOGUE


"LA’s Fashion District experiences over $10 billion in annual business and 30,000+ jobs...", boasts the district website! In this era of online shopping, cheap imports and drop shipping, we at Caravan Maya decided to check it out for ourselves...

We started out from Del Mar heading north on I-5, it had stopped raining by the time we got into Dana Point, we decided to jump off to Pacific Coast Highway 101. Weather was clearing and the views helped relieve our mid-week blues!


From $10 for 5 pairs of undies to Haute Couture Fashion, The District as it's aptly named by Fashionistas all over the world houses the creme-d'la-creme of LA's thriving fashion industry. The District is an economic engine that averages $10 billion a year in annual business volume and employees almost 30,000. In the past three years, the District has experienced unprecedented growth and development, from new wholesale centers and retail storefronts to adaptive reuse residential projects.

At the core of the District is a $6 billion wholesale industry. In the over 1,200 contemporary showrooms of the district over, 4,500 lines are represented at each of the five market weeks held annually. Over 53,000 buyers and exhibitors visit the district annually resulting in over $13 million in annual revenues tied to market weeks held in the district.

The LA Fashion District is a top destination for those in fashion and for those wanting to get in on the excitement of the industry. Over a million and a half people visit the LA Fashion District every year for work and pleasure. Weekend pedestrian counts show a 23% increase over counts conducted in 2000.



The LA Fashion District BID covers 100-blocks in downtown Los Angeles. General boundaries are from 7th Street (and on Los Angeles Street to 6th Street) to the north, Santa Monica 10-Freeway to the south, Broadway and Spring Street to the west and San Pedro Street to the east, north of 9th. The boundary moves further east south of 9th, reaching as far as Paloma St. More…(