Our mission is to inspire, inform, and equip our guests to have trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening. We value travel as a powerful way to better understand and contribute to the world in which we live. We strive to keep our own travel style, our world outlook, and our business practices consistent with these values.

What we do

  • We research and write guidebooks that are easy to understand
  • We do not organize or lead energetic tours, we just provide enough so you can explore on your own
  • We do sell select travel fashion and accessories but also provide easy to download *pdf travel guides that are FREE!
  • We are committed to our planet. 
  • We travel...a lot

 Hollywood Memorabilia for the Travel Addict!

This exclusive to CaravanMaya is a replica of the prop used in Indiana Jones films and comes with all the authentic detailing. 



Immerse yourself into the culture in off the beaten path destinations in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh

Discover, explore and stay at Palaces and Haveli's all over some iconic Caravan Serai's in Rajasthan. Relive the romance of travel from a bygone era

Adventure seekers will find ample opportunities for Hiking, Winter Sports, Trekking, Camping when you head up to the Himalayas!

* All videos and copyright are owned by the individual owners. Caravan Maya does not endorse or recommend any of the content therein. Information is only provided to showcase available opportunities for travelers and also to hosts willing to be listed on/in Journeys by Caravan Maya