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Caravan Maya

Indiana Jones Memorabilia: Travel Journal

Indiana Jones Memorabilia: Travel Journal

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Indiana-Jones Grail Diary Prop Replica Diary

  • High quality and 100% brand new.
  • As an Indy-fan, I love collecting copies of any journal props about Indiana-Jones Indiana-Jones and The Last Crusade, this is Indiana-Jones and The Last Holy-Grail Diary Prop, An accurate reproduction of the original
  • Now you can have a great cosplay accessory for Halloween, comic conventions, or whatever you want to be Indiana-Jones or him Father Henry-Jones when he was old!
  • This is the "story" version of The Grail can read it as if it was actually written by Henry-Jones himself!
  • The stunning hand-bound copy of the Diary of the Holy-Grail seen in the Last-Crusade. This is the diary's version of the story, read as a series of consecutive adventures. This diary has absolutely no computer writing fonts! Every page is meticulously scanned and printed from our fully handwritten script in antique ink and pen, as well as hand-painted pages. Each page of your journal is then carefully hand aged and weathered for a true movie look and feel.
  • Your journal comes with wrapped vellum with the Venetian-stamps seen in the movie! The diary measures approximately 4 x 7 inches or 17 x 10.5 cm.
  • This is a truly incredible replica of the prop, we're very proud to bring it to you and sure it will make a great gift for any movie fan!


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