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Caravan Maya

Sexy Satin V Neck Maxi

Sexy Satin V Neck Maxi

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Sexy Satin V Neck Maxi.

Fabric: Satin, is a fabric constructed by the satin weave method, one of the three basic textile weaves. The fabric is characterized by a smooth surface and usually a lustrous face and dull back; it is made in a wide variety of weights for various uses, including dresses, particularly evening wear; linings; bedspreads; and others

Why Satin: Women are born glamorous. One of the favorite sleepwear style is satin or silk nightgowns. The luxury is what makes women of all age groups look extremely attractive.

Satin is a strong polyester based fabric and they last for longer. The fabric remains soft and silky to your skin. The flowing dress will make you look rich and sophisticated at home. The nightgown will make you relaxed once you slip into it back from the office. The sensual feel of stain remains cool and soothing to the skin. Satin nightgown makes you feel so good because it is feminine. For summer, opt for light pastel shades as it remain soothing to the eye. For the winters opt for rich regal tone or red, blue or violet.

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