Social Impact Heroes: Why & How Mavis Carolina Herrera of MavisByHerrera Is Helping To Change Our World.

Social Impact Heroes: Why & How Mavis Carolina Herrera of MavisByHerrera Is Helping To Change Our World.

On our journey to showcase entrepreneurs that aim to promote local and indigenous crafts...we met Mavis Carolina Herrera (pronounced Mavis)

I believe, Mavis is from the eastern provinces in Mexico. Her profile and her work is fairly detailed on her website

We are proud to not just mention but write about her journey and the Social and Community Impact her now company has had to the community that she represents. In addition, her recycling of plastics for construction of the bags but also the earnings for the skilled weavers and her intent and leadership.




Mavis had a corporate job and when her friend passed away, she came to a realization that life was short and was meant to do a Dharma/Service to attain a Moksha!

Train with a company about Recycled Plastic Fabrics. Mavis travelled world over, even places which do not exist on Google Maps! and once perfected her craft, she ended up back in her community!

During those travels she realized her ambition, be a conscious person and launch her conscious brand  -

1. Take Care of the Environment

2. Provide a livelihoods to indigenous communities

3. Help children in disadvantaged communities

It was of no surprise to us at CaravanMaya to realize her intent and the Social and Community Impact she promotes!


SHOES FOR STARS: Following in the footsteps of her Father's inspiration in her school years - 'Children Are Stars, You Matter', she was able to gather and donate over 3,000 pair of shoes - some even hand-painted!


Her continued involvement with the formation of her brand, she consistently allocate proceeds from the profit - to further the 'Shoes For Stars' Benefit Cause. 

LIVELIHOODS FOR INDIGENOUS CRAFTS: All the bags are traditionally weaved by craftspeople from South America, which provides a livelihood for local crafts persons but also income opportunities and livelihoods by showcasing their works!

Join Us, Please Visit: to purchase one of her designs and support indigenous crafts people, support community and most of all support this our world we all live in! #ThereIsNoPlanetB



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