Journeys is the mastermind of our Founders to encourage free spirited travelers discover unique destinations and experience hosting by local home-stays, campsites by locals.

Travelers the world over are searching for unique getaways now more than ever. 

Magazine: These are Simple travel guides you can download and share online or via social media. Most of the guides have Top Tips and some special features. A unique opportunity for you to see all the options that are available in a mobile format!

Exploring: Travelogues and Videos that highlight location, accommodation, things to do so you can explore unique destinations!
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Hosting: This allows local homestay, campsites , B&B and hotels to list not only what they have to offer in-house but also what additional amenities you will enjoy by staying with them. Our hosting fees are based on community impact rather than profit!
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Whatever you desire: Your response is sincerely requested.! Please fill in the form below and our agents will align you with the perfect option for you!

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