Nari under the Tree: Handpainted Bhil Pithora Painting by Geeta Bariya (15 x 11 in)

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This collection is individually available in original form and signed by Artist, This exquisite Bhil art comes from the family of Geeta Bariya. Geeta is the daughter-in-law of Bhuribai, a famous Bhil artist.


Bhil PitoraArt from is an ancient art form originating from the Rathwa, Bhil, Nayak and Tadi tribes of Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. The original cave paintings are thousands of years old and depict social, cultural, and mythological stories. Traditionally, Pithora wall paintings decorate the main wall of a home, which is considered sacred to the god of food grains, Pithoro. The same painting technique is also used for protection and health by the Warli and Saora tribes.