Is FREE SHIPPING Worth The Cost To Our Environment?

Is FREE SHIPPING Worth The Cost To Our Environment?

Is FREE SHIPPING Worth The Cost To Our Environment?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed this fact sheet to answer common questions about greenhouse gas emissions from passenger vehicles. This fact sheet provides emission rates and calculations consistent with EPA’s regulatory work.

Q. How much tailpipe carbon dioxide (CO2 ) is created from burning one gallon of fuel?

A. Results:

CO2 Emissions from a gallon of gasoline:
8,887 grams CO2 / gallon1
CO2 Emissions from a gallon of diesel:
10,180 grams CO2 / gallon2


Basically, That delivery vehicle powered by Diesel creates about 15% more CO2 per gallon! To learn more visit the United States EPA Site Here

Q. What is it that we as consumers and service providers do?

A. As online consumers we must opt for 'Consolidated Shipping' whereby all your purchases are gathered before they are shipped. Something similar to a shipping experience in a retail shopping mall or grocery store.

Q. What are we at are doing to encourage reduction to our global carbon footprint?

A. Caravanmaya has curated our LookBook Collections, products as seen can be purchased individually or they can be bundled and shipped via Consolidated Shipping. 

These promotions are denoted clearly in the Lookbook Menu and denoted with a 'Reduce Your Carbon Footprint' as shown above. 

Incentive to Purchase as a Bundle: With this change not only do you get substantial discounts on each item but as a bundle they also reduce Carbon Footprint by about 1/3 a third!


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