Chose FAIR not FAST! Unlocking the mystery of Fairtrade in Fashion

Chose FAIR not FAST! Unlocking the mystery of Fairtrade in Fashion

Fast fashion is a serious problem. The price of a $3 t-shirt is higher than you might think—unsafe and unfair labor conditions, unsustainable livelihoods and serious environmental issues. By choosing clothing and textiles made of Fair trade fabrics like Silk, cotton, you are standing up for the rights of cotton farmers and workers.


By supporting People living in challenging socioeconomic conditions your buying decisions build marketable skills, assist small businesses, and secure fair wages and ethical work. This in turn gives them the power to make their own money and have control over how they use it, this not only empowers them economically, but is also one of the best ways to help reduce global poverty.

How does Fairtrade work?

Fair trade businesses put more money into the hands of these communities at every step of the supply chain, supports producers through local and regional expert networks, and creates demand for ethical goods in countries like the US and around the world.

Fair trade is global

Fair trade connects artisans in the Global South (Latin America & the Carribbean, Africa & the Middle East, Asia and Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas) with businesses and consumers in the US and around the world—and all of the traders and manufacturers in between. We specifically work with local, indigenous communities to source and Give Back.

On a personal note - we must confess, we are very fortunate and blessed to align our mission to further support locally made, indigenous and fairtrade manufacturers and distributors. 



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